Glass- Orbix Hot Glass: Mishka Cole Photography

_DSC3648 _DSC3478 _DSC3657 _DSC3510 _DSC3519 _DSC3526 _DSC3547 _DSC3562-2 _DSC3571 _DSC3603 _DSC3609 _DSC3617 _DSC3658 _DSC3681 _DSC3691

I am not the best with words and beautiful doesn’t even come close to describing what they do at Orbix Hot Glass , I need to break out the dictionary to describe what they create… stunning, surreal, solid, delicate, vivid, art…the list of adjectives could go on and on. Good thing the owners are life-long friends and they let me photograph them while they worked. I almost enjoy the process as much as the finished product, but that is just me?

Mishka Cole Photogrpahy

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