Prisming Photography Study


_DSC2828Prisming, another non-photoshop technique that has been around for a while and starting to become popular again.

It is funny how photographers seem to want to move away from the photoshopped image and find more organic ways to create.

There is a philosophy of photography (if you will) that says the digital age has made photography too perfect and that life really isn’t like that, it is messy.

Food for thought. I am not a purist, but I love being creative with my camera and not just the computer.

That might be a hold over from my photography teacher in college, she was more of a purist.

Like the idea of an image straight out of the camera with out cropping. To prove it you developed your pictures framed within the negative, back in the day of film.

_DSC2929Josh Garrels at the Carver Theater in Birmingham, had to give prisming a try there, love all the color.

Awesome concert by the way.


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