This is one of the places that keeps me sane living in Montgomery, great mountain bike trails (in Wetumpka)…when I first moved here there wasn’t much to do, or much that I liked to do (i.e. hike, bike, climb). There is however so much potential…slowly but surely…the Gump is becoming a hip little place to live. I always see this bridge from the trail while biking and since it was too wet to ride I took the kids and went with a great friend to find it. I wanted to snap some pics of the bridge. The road is closed and it is maybe a half mile walk. The bridge is definitely “swayed” ,hence the name, and wee bit bent.

_DSC3001 _DSC3006 _DSC3022 _DSC3011 _DSC3041 _DSC3032 _DSC3036 _DSC3043 _DSC3039 _DSC3064 _DSC3050 _DSC3066 _DSC3074 _DSC3076

One thought on “Swayback

  1. So Beautiful. And I LOVE your people subjects! My grandsons! Thanks for posting these. Hope to meet you one day.

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